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"Tú y el extranjero son iguales ante el Señor, así que la misma ley y el mismo derecho regirán, tanto para ti como para el extranjero que viva contigo". (NM 15:16)



US Immigration Institute is a private company dedicated to providing a comprehensive overview of US immigration law to participants.

We want to remind you that we are NOT a government agency. We do not grant college credits or provide government licenses or permits. The Supreme Court of Puerto Rico grants 24 general credits for training conducted by the US Immigration Institute to Lawyers of Puerto Rico for Continuing education. We are a private company dedicated to transmitting broad and detailed knowledge about the legal immigration system in the United States of America, as well as other knowledge. Certificates awarded indicate Has Successfully Completed the requirements for: Comprehensive Overview of Immigration Law. This certificate does NOT authorize you to practice law in the United States, but education DOES make it easier for you to work in the area of ​​immigration, under the supervision of a law firm licensed in the USA, or under the licenses and Accreditations that each State is responsible for DHS, DOL or DOJ US Department of Justice or under a Non-Profit Organization that is recognized by DOJ to represent immigrants.


U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS, clearly explains who can provide legal immigration assistance in the US, please visit or to expand information on limitations when entering the field of US Immigration work. We warn each participant of the importance of not engaging in unauthorized legal practice. 8 C.F.R. §1003.102(m)


US Immigration Institute is not committed to the workplace where each student subsequently decides to perform. The academic Immigration program has been designed by the joined efforts of national and international, combining knowledge and experience to create a clear, practical, highly competent, and professional learning program. It is kept up to date by Licensed Attorneys in the USA and / or DOJ Accredited Representatives who provide technical support to the Institution. The information included in the manual and taught in immigration classes or other documents, such as forms, comments, examples, emails, books, newsletters, or other communications, should NOT be considered legal advice or recommendations for any case or situation in particular. It is clear that immigration regulations are constantly changing, and therefore the student must be kept up to date with the tools for the law practicing published on the internet, or by other means. By using the manual provided and taking the immigration classes, the user agrees that its owners, producers and administrators have no direct or indirect responsibility for problems arising from the misuse of this product and its content. The information is developed in an educational and general way and should not be applied to a specific situation. For specific legal advice, we recommend contacting an Immigration attorney specialized in the subject. Our educational tools contain material from United States government offices, and this material is attached free of charge in our manuals. We do not claim copyright on material extracted from public sources such as official forms or others. The company reserves the right to partially or totally modify prices, aesthetics, teachers and characteristics of the program without prior notice. Reproduction, copying, use, distribution, marketing, public communication, or any other activity that may be done with the content of the entire US Immigration Institute program is prohibited. It is expressly noted that these activities are punished by current legislation on intellectual property. Total or partial reproduction of the material exposed is prohibited, otherwise you may incur legal penalties. Our maximum responsibility in any circumstance will not exceed the price paid for the seminar or course. The values ​​paid for the registration will only be returned by prior cancellation before 15 days of the event. Values ​​paid for training are not returnable. We reserve the right of admission.